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Easy steps to uninstall Norton Antivirus from your Mac

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Norton Antivirus has been launched as well as distributed by Symantec Institution at the year of 1991. It was developed to find in addition to eliminate spyware and adware by way of instance malware, adware, adware red wigglers, Key loggers, source gear, Trojans too as Backdoor. The real Norton Antivirus is the nearly all more effective decision in the current economical market auto dependable remedies as well as exceptional characteristics which may be present by way of the exceptionally knowledgeable in addition to skilled technicians by means of the Norton support providers assist.



This website presents Norton customer support to our important clients to generate their personal computer safe and protected by way of damaging disease, malware as well as physical violence through assessing practice.



1. Uninstalling through Norton antivirus:


This can be an application specific process, since it is different from software to software.


These are the steps to uninstall antivirus and resolve the issue like norton error 8504 104 software in the Mac


Following these steps ensures that the un-installation of Norton antivirus applications from a Mac.


Following the restart, then it may be checked in the program if it reveals the access to Norton or not.


If the above steps do not work follows the steps written below.



2. Uninstalling through the Trash, Universal method: These steps work for any applications from a Mac.The steps are as follows

  • Open the application folder
  • Visit Norton antivirus
  • Drag the Norton antivirus app to the trash
  • Right Click the trash icon
  • Select Empty Trash to clear the Norton anti virus from Mac



The above mentioned steps ensure the instillation of any software from a Mac. If at all the above-mentioned steps don't work and Norton antivirus still exists on the Mac then the Norton anti virus technical support team can be reached.



All types of questions regarding the uninstall procedure can be performed on this website.


If a person is unable to get on the internet and to this service site he can give a call to your Norton anti virus technical support phone number and receive all the problems rectified through a phone call. Macs provide very smooth user experience so it won't be a problem to uninstall any application from the system. The above steps would work all the time in most cases, should they somehow don't work then there is always the customer care group of that specific software. The customer support team could be contacted and the problem could be rectified this manner too.


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